Here are some cool websites that you might not have heard of but are funny, useful, clever and infuriating – sometimes all at the same time:

  1. STRML: Website that builds itself as you watch.
  2. FreeAdsTime: It reminds you of Craigslist but there’s more.
  3. Cetus: Dolphin voices and their acoustic spectra.
  4. Rapid Tables: Good site for electrical calculations and conversions.
  5. Phonetic Reverser: A website that shows you how to speak backwards.
  6. Talk to Transformer: See how a modern neural network completes your text.
  7. David Li: Ocean Wave Simulation.
  8. Bird Sounds: Visualisation of thousands of bird sounds.
  9. All About Circuits: Site where you can learn all about electrical circuits and how they work.
  10. Paletton: Pick colors that go well together with Paletton.
  11. Live Map: A interactive map of world conflicts.
  12. Passport Index: A web that lets you compare Passports, showing you where you can go with or without a visa, and rank them.
  13. Wikiverse: An interactive galactic map of Wikipedia.
  14. Ruin My Search History: Ruin and protect your search history and privacy.
  15. How Car Works: Want to know about cars? Here’s a website that gives details of every part of a car with detailed pictures.
  16. Concert Hotels: Test your rhythm keeping skills.
  17. Periodic Stats: A clean, modern, interactive periodic table.
  18. Map of metal: This website gives you a visual map of metal music and its many sub-genres.
  19. Algorithmia: Use deep learning algorithms to add color to black and white images.
  20. Will Robots Take My job?: A website that tells you the likelihood of your job being automated.
  21. Evolution of the Scrollbar: Interact with some iconic scrollbars.
  22. Shame Bell: Shame bell on your phone.
  23. See Hear Party: Enter what you want to see & hear and this site will generate a music video out of gifs.
  24. Clickhole: The Onion’s parody of BuzzFeed-esque clickbait sites.
  25. House Creep: This website maps murder homes, meth labs, and other homes in the news.
  26. Inbflat: Just play all these videos together and enjoy.
  27. Spend your leap second here: A leap second is coming up. Don’t know what do with your extra time? Spend it here.
  28. Pokemon Palettes: The beautiful colors used in Pokemon.
  29. Anti Podes Map: The exact opposite side of the earth from your point.
  30. Super Formula: Create organic 3D shapes in your browser.
  31. Blitze: Follow thunderstorms in real time.
  32. What is your dog?: Detects what breed your dog is from any photo of them.
  33. The Ransomizer: A site where you can turn any text into a digital ransom note.
  34. SongSim: A tool that lets you visualize song lyrics in the form of a matrix.
  35. Waifu2x: A site that increase the resolution of any picture.
  36. Nott: A website that produces a 3D model of your face from a photo.
  37. NPR: Find out the possibility that your job can be automated in the next 20 years.
  38. My Pi Day: Find where your birthday appears in Pi.
  39. Faitherikli: Cool language evolution simulator using agent-based modeling.
  40. Time: Exact time, tells you what special day it is.
  41. My Car Makes Noise: A library of car noises which can be used to diagnose car problems.
  42. My Fridge Food: This website will display all recipes based off what you have in your fridge.
  43. Out Rider: See the effects of different nuclear bombs at any address in the world.
  44. Even Stranger Things: A website that makes your image Stranger Things-ified by using AI to figure out whats in your image.
  45. Codingame: Learn to code writing a game.
  46. Explain Shell: Match command-line arguments to their help text.
  47. Sugar Stacks: A website that visualizes sugar content of servings of various foods in sugar cubes.
  48. WCRF: This website lets you look at lifestyle cancer risk and protective factors by evidence strength.
  49. Light Pollution Map: This website lets you check the light pollution levels of any location from present to the past decade.
  50. Land Lines: Draw a line and let the planet complete the picture.
  51. Online Tone Generator: This website lets you test your hearing abilities.
  52. Song Visualizer: This website lets you visualize the lyrical repetition patterns in songs.
  53. CD Cover: This website lets you create CD Cover online.
  54. Jurassic System: A website that simulates the Jurassic park operating system.
  55. The Economics of Seinfeld: A website that uses Seinfeld clips to explain basic economic concepts.
  56. RegExr: A brilliant website that allows you to experiment with regular expressions.
  57. Make My Drive: Find all the quirky places along your road trip.
  58. Flight Club: A site that lets you create realistic rockets and launch them.
  59. BBC: The making of me and you.
  60. Pixel Thoughts: A 60-second meditation tool to help clear your mind.
  61. Radiooooo: This website lets you explore music from most any country in any decade since 1900.
  62. Saninnsalas: This website let you practice frequency recognition.
  63. New Investor Daily: This website lets you see how well hypothetical investments in the past would have done.
  64. Tosdr: No one reads the terms of service. This website basically makes a tl;dr of them.
  65. Create Brief: This website lets you visualize your brand with a radar graph.
  66. Birthquake: This website lets you find out what earthquakes occurred where on your birthday.
  67. Piskel: This website let’s you make pixel art animations.
  68. Better Explained: A website that explains maths concepts in very intuitive way so you don’t have to memorize them.
  69. Calligraphr: Turn your handwriting into a font.
  70. Ventusky: Visualization of weather wind speeds.
  71. Local Lingual: Hear peoples voices around the world.
  72. Genealogy: A website to track back mathmaticians through PhD advisors. You’re very likely to get to Isaac Newton or Galileo.
  73. Windy: Cool website to check wind and weather.
  74. Dsxyliea: A website demonstrating what it’s like to have dyslexia.
  75. This website lets you create your own ‘lenny’ faces.
  76. Old Maps Online: This website lets you see how your area looked x years ago.
  77. vMashup: This website lets you combine two Youtube videos with fun results.
  78. Verify Email: This website lets you verify that an email address actually exists before you send email to it.
  79. Chromoscope: This website lets you see the Milky Way in different wavelengths including X-Ray, Ultraviolet and Microwave.
  80. Rebrickable: This website lets you combine different LEGO sets to see what kind of wonderful creations you can make.
  81. Labs.500px: Search for photos by sketching a picture.
  82. The Google Cemetery – Google Graveyard: Dead Google products.
  83. Graphics.WSJ: Search Hillary Clinton’s emails.
  84. If It Were My Home: See what life would be like in a different country.
  85. Affine Layer: Draw something and let the AI auto-photoshop your drawing to cats/buildings/shoes.
  86. Codepen: Have fun with gravity.
  87. Javier: Find the visual center of your images.
  88. JScreenFix: Dead pixel fixer with HTML5.
  89. Diane goes for you: You’ve a question about something you saw in google maps? This girl will go see for you what it is.
  90. A Soft Murmur: Create a custom ambient sound mix (rain, thunder, waves, coffee shop, etc) to block distractions.
  91. Place Between: Find the midpoint between multiple locations.
  92. Volcano Discovery: This website shows you what volcanoes are currently erupting.
  93. Travelling Salesman Problem: 3D visualization of the travelling salesman problem.
  94. Suprious Correlations: This website finds correlations between seemingly random/unrelated statistics better.
  95. Projects Truth: This website has a live representation where in the world the Sun is at its highest point in the sky.
  96. Neal Fun: Interactive deep sea page.
  97. Musicmap: All of music’s history in one place.
  98. Built With: Enter a website and see what tools were used to build it.
  99. Data Sketch: Mapping 1000 years of ancestral connections in the European royal families.
  100. Sumopaint: Photoshopping in your browser.
  101. Background Burner: This website let’s you quickly remove the background from any image or photo.