I make between $40-75/hr as a freelance content marketer – creating blog posts and website copy for a variety of businesses. After leaving my job as a healthcare financial analyst to work in a freelance capacity, I’ve had many people ask me how they can do the same.

If you already have a particular skill set, you may discover that you can easily transition into a full-time, profitable freelance lifestyle. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a skill that can be monetized for remote work, consider picking up one of those listed below.

Once you have a slightly above-average understanding of one of these skills, you will be well on your way to making $50/hr, or more..

1. Master Excel Formulas and Pivot Tables

Excel is an amazing tool for anything dealing with data or research – and can benefit finance, marketing, logistics, and many other teams.

Although the basics of Excel are rather easy to grasp, once someone understands the deeper complexities, they can really start saving some serious time.

As a freelancer, if you can develop worksheets that reduce the amount of work that a particular individual has to put into a task, they’ll be willing to pay you handsomely for it.

Afterall, if your Excel worksheet will save someone 20 hours a month, it’s completely acceptable to charge $500-1000 for your work, even if it only takes you a few hours to put together.

2. Learn to Tell Stories with Infographics

One of the most popular types of online media is the infographic. Everyone enjoys looking at a picture in place of a 3000 word long article. But creating one can take a bit of time and energy.

Learn how to master several of the free and inexpensive infographic tools available, like Venngage, Infogr.am, and Canva, and you’ll be able to charge anywhere from $50-1000 to create infographics for businesses and bloggers alike.

While an infographic does take a lot of time to create, it’s not unreasonable to earn $50/hr for your work – and you don’t need to be an expert designer who has mastered the Adobe suite to do it.

3. Present Yourself as a WordPress Manager

WordPress is one of the most popular website and blogging platforms in the world.

Many startups build their entire website on WordPress, which is essentially Lego’s for web design – giving you the ability to add and remove themes and plugins to give the website a different look and functionality.

Although understanding html and css is beneficial for WordPress management, it isn’t necessary. Simply being able to go in and making minor changes to websites, adding and removing plugins, etc., can be very profitable if done right.

Start by creating your own blog, so you understand how to use WordPress. Then, you can start reaching out to others and offering to manage their sites for retainer.

This one can take a bit of time to master, but it certainly has the ability to be very profitable.

4. Master Paid Advertising on Google, Facebook, and Other Platforms

Most businesses have to pay in order to be seen by their customers. They do this through buying ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. – or by purchasing banner ads and sponsored posts directly from bloggers.

Pick one or two platforms and research how to maximize paid advertising on that platform. Then start managing advertising campaigns for businesses.

Most advertisers will charge a monthly retainer to manage the contract, and then the client will run the ads (or you will do it using their money).

Your job is to A/B test to find the best phrases, search terms, and target audiences to maximize your client’s return on investment.

Once you develop a history of successful campaigns you can easily charge $200-2000/month to manage these contracts – and you may only need to put in a couple of hours a month once the contract and campaigns are established.

5. Develop Killer Social Media Marketing Strategies

Although you won’t make more than $10-15/hr sending Tweets and Facebook statuses for clients, you can certainly make $50-100+ if you focus on holistic social media marketing strategies.

Research the latest trends, learn how to grow followers and connect with influencers, and find what best drives engagement. Then start working with clients who want to succeed in the world of social media.

Your best bet is probably to hire a team that can do the leg work for you, while you focus on the holistic strategy. However, you can also take on more of a consulting role or even do the work yourself – just make sure you find ways to automate or outsource tasks that don’t require a high degree of expertise.

It’s time to start making money online!

Now that you’ve seen this short list of possible ways to make big-money online, it’s time for you to go try one or two! Then, come back and let me know how it went.

Remember that freelancing takes time, initially, to build up a client base and reputation. However, once you get going, it will be more than easy to earn $50 or more per hour working on your own time.

For the comments: Are there any “relatively easy” skills that I missed? Or, have you found it easy (or difficult) to make money with any of these skills in the past? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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