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Answer by an Anonymous guy on Quora:

I am a software engineer working in Bangalore, hailing from a very remote place in Kerala. I am 28 and i have an acquaintance from my hometown. He should be some 22 or 23 now. After he completed his school he then joined technical training institute which he never finished. Later i came to know that he did some recharge shop business at our place. So to show off, i asked him recently, what is the point in being at that place where you could hardly save something. By then we were frequently having conversations online. So he showed me this, asking me assurance that i’ll never talk about this in our family ( We are distant relatives too)

I was like

That was some additional revenue was making out online. The conversation continued. It went like this ( Please excuse the Malayalam -English Texts, and i am not including my replies)

This says

“Now there is a simple method to make money

If you invest, in 10 years you can make countless times

Just load in bitcoin


Then he said for what amount he bought 13 bitcoins he had ( he he also says he doesn’t do trades, because he hardly knew commerce 😀 )<< See below>>

Few days later, again he pinged me and said, he sold his coins and also suggested if my friends does this, ask them too because it is good time to do that, and on his analysis, now the value is going to fall << See below >>

So out of so much curiosity i asked him, how much did he earn and he says this

WHOPPING 19 LAKHS ! And he playfully warns me not to say it to our mutual connection in the family. 19 lacks, he spells it wrong but i don’t give a damn. I guess nobody will ever 😀

PS: Lately he pinged me again, saying this

It says

“ Hi
Add some Ethereum to wallet
3 months back it was just Rs 500, now it is 13000
Its is increasing
same like btc “

Me ( In my mind) :

For the third time.
The second time was when i heard 19L !


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