As we all know, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is this year’s most pricey Apple iPhone. The phone’s 64 GB varient is available at a starting price of Rs 1,09,900, while the Rs 1,41,900 is priced at the 512 GB varient. Let’s take a look at the cost of making the iPhone.

According to a CultofMac report, Techinsights have ripped down every and any part of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and then calculated each one’s price.

The market research firm Techinsights stated on its website that “All cost estimates provided here are compiled using the information available to us at the time of the initial teardown. Some assumptions have been made where accurate data is not yet available.”

The expected cost of all the components is close to $490.50, which is about Rs 35,000. For India, however, the phone’s price is increasing owing to import duties. The phone’s most expensive part is its triple rear camera lens, that is estimated to cost about $73.50 which is about Rs 5,300.

The second most expensive part is the OLED display that is expected to cost $66.50 followed by the Apple A13 processor that is likely priced at $64. On the other hand, the extra part costs add up to less than $500, that is almost 45% less than the iPhone 11 Pro Max selling price.


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