how to open psr files

Power Soft Report (PSR) is a data file format for storing data and presentation information. PSR files contain database information for PowerSoft. To open psr files you need supporting softwares.

PSR files can be created with PowerBuilder, Infomaker, Java DataWindow and DataWindow Builder.Reports help in many ways for you to present the data ideas. PSR files contain the report definition and the data when the file is created.

To open psr files you need any of these programs: PowerSoft by Sybase, Infomaker etc. If you already installed any of this software in your pc the double click the psr file and the report will be displayed in screen.

Another way to open psr file is by Report Painter. Select File> Open File from the menu, select the desired file name from the dialog box. The Report Painter will display the report.

Once again listing the programs for opening psr files.

  • PowerSoft Report by Sybase
  • Infomaker
  • Project Scheduler Resource File
  • Report Painter
  • Java DataWindow.

Download at SyBase.

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