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Indeed one of the household names for anybody who’s on the market for a new job. It has a worldwide presence and is reputable for having a wide range of ads up to its sleeve on available employment opportunities for prospective job seekers. 

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Indeed Alternative Websites

Applicants can create their accounts, upload their resumes, and build their profiles to apply or reach out to their possible employers. If you have attempted to see jobs online at one point in your life, there’s a huge chance that you’ve come across Indeed. If it isn’t the most famous platform for its kind, it – sure – is one of them. Yet, there could be a couple of reasons that are lingering in your mind that you would like to explore other great alternatives to Indeed. Despite that it is one of the most established, that doesn’t mean that no other options left for you. Here are the Best 10 Alternatives you should check out. 


A little different than Indeed, Glassdoor is famous for being a review site for different companies. It’s like Yelp for restaurant-goers. It’s a platform that allows employees to review their company for its culture, compensation, and behavior towards their employees. It is a safe space for reviewers to air out their frustration or satisfaction level for the companies they have worked for in the past. In this sense, it isn’t exactly a direct alternative to Indeed. 

Indeed gives the users the ability to search for jobs right away after they have set up their accounts on the website. On the other hand, Glassdoor offers a window or a glimpse of the company’s reputation where they would like to apply. Across the board, some jobs are available on Glassdoor, but these are paid advertisements. On Indeed, there could be mixed paid and free job postings. The two are not entirely competitors but work synergistically to provide applicants support and to help them decide. Glassdoor is more like a marketing platform for companies.


Zip Recruiter may directly rival that Indeed as on online job listing services. The company offers many cutting-edge innovations to offer a flawless user interface and to make it user-friendly. In addition to that, employers can have the ability to add more questions to screen applicants more attentively. It is home to millions of jobs. Job posts here also have a wide reach. When the job is posted, it isn’t mainly posted on the platform; it’s also posted on other job posting websites. Indeed doesn’t have the feature since it is not a job board site. The advertisements posted here are not entirely free. Hence, prospective employers do take your business seriously. So, the applicant can rest on the confidence in the legitimacy of the posted job. 

Zip Recruiter has a great popularity for job seekers and employers. Big companies like Netflix have once used it and continue to do so; hence the platform effectively gets the word out about the latest open positions. About 30 million applicants regularly check out Zip Recruiter to see if there will be a perfect match for their qualifications. 


Dice best serves the industry that involves tech. It simply isn’t the kind of program you can take advantage of if your business doesn’t have to do with anything tech. 

Dice is your trusted platform if you are looking to post a job opening about positions in tech. IT, software development, and programming are what the platform is doing great within these topics. So, you must count on it for things that involve as such. Because here the jobs are filtered, you readily get the filtered audience as well. There’s less distraction. The platform is home to millions of jobs available that are tech-industry-centered. 

The company has a very good recruitment process that guarantees to get employers the right candidates for their advertising positions. It has also made it a lot easier and faster to find the right candidates because of different filter options. With all these kinds of features, you get to save time. 

Dice is commonly the first website that tech professionals go to whenever they are on the market for new jobs. It has a credible reputation and incredible community. 


Monster is another great program that lets you see available jobs for your professions or skill set. It’s one of the oldest in the league of online job posting services. It’s been around since 1999. Millions of jobs await possible job seekers. 

It has a global scope, so it has millions and millions of available jobs that aren’t only limited in North America. Across the world, it is well-reputed. In addition to that, it has a very good design and a very professionally-looking user interface. It is easy for an employer to put their ads on the platform. It’s the same for someone who’s looking to get a job. It’s a good matchmaker between the applicant and the job recruiter. 

Unlike Indeed, it quickly adapts to the innovations and features to make the user experience for both parties excellent. Among the features that showcase convenience here is being able to power search, so you get the best match right away without having to filter all the other options. Another loved attribute of the company is their advanced resume option, where the applicant won’t have to go through the rigorous process of filling out or creating his or her resume right from scratch. These are just some that demonstrate while Monster is a great alternative to Indeed. 


Craigslist is a generic online advertising space. With that said, it’s unlike the first ones that we have talked about so far. Instead of specializing in the jobs that may be available to you, it caters to a lot more categories. Jobs and other services that may fit you are just some of the areas that it includes in its arms. 

Despite that, Craigslist does have a significant share of audiences across different fields – be it on the items being sold or available jobs. Its popularity and ease of use are its two biggest advantages. It’s another household name when it comes to eCommerce. People seeking a wide range of products and services often resort to Craigslist. It also has a wide availability throughout the globe. Not only that, if you are an employer or a recruiter, advertising on Craigslist can get huge savings as there is an option to post ads for free. It would be a tremendous help and a cost-efficient way to increase your audience. So, if you don’t want to risk your budget, you might just as well give it a shot here and see what’s in store for you here. 


Free Ads Time can compare directly to Craigslist. It’s not a service that exclusively caters to jobs alone. It is free classifieds ads online. Hence, it advertises for a wide range of different services such as selling and jobs. 

For a job seeker, Free Ads Time also boasts robust popularity. Not only that, but it also has great credibility on Google. So, there’s a huge chance that the listed jobs available posted here will readily be indexed by Google, given enough time. For a recruiter, it’s a very favorable hidden feature. But, the most remarkable feature is you get the word out, and you get a platform that allows you to advertise without having to pay or cost you any amount of money, not to mention that it only takes a few minutes to effectively list an available job here. It even allows you to include photos even without owning an account here. But if you are serious and looking to post multiple available jobs, you can create an account, so you get more control and more flexibility in managing your resources ads. 


Geebo belongs in the same rank as Craigslist. It offers a wide variety of listing categories, from merchandise to trade services. Jobs are among them. It is a great two-way street for job seekers and employers. For an applicant soft-checking available jobs appropriate for his or her profession, it’s painless to do it here. The website makes employment types readily available across different fields. To name a few, it includes professions in commerce, academe, and technology. If the type of job isn’t specified, there’s the Other option, which is a generalized or unclassified category. 

After that, a user has selected a specific category; the ads will show up. They are ranked based on the age or recency of when they were uploaded. The service, however, is limited only to the United States. For advertisers or employers, you can jump right away to posting your opening to the Post button, which you will find at the top right-hand corner of the page. Once you clicked that, you will be redirected to the category sections, where you will have to select the Employment button. Next, you will have to sign in if you are already a member. If you do not have an account yet, you will have to contact the admin to get it set up. Once that your advertisement is placed, Geebo will do the legwork to increase the exposure of your ad and make it available to different platforms or websites. 


Simply Hired is one of the most appealing online job listing programs to look at and use for users and advertisers who want to get the best-looking ads. You might be inclined to think first that it’s exactly like Indeed or Monster, where ads are being listed. In addition to being able to post ads directly on the website, Simply Hired also works with different job listing services, gets the ads from there, and makes them available on their web page or app. Hence, when a SimplyHired account holder searches for a job through it, they will be able to see the ads that were initially posted from somewhere else. SimplyHired collects the job openings and listings from other websites and also advertises them on their platform.

A special feature is that if you are a recruiter, you get the chance to filter and browse through possible candidates for the job. You only pay them when you have selected an applicant or a couple of candidates and want to proceed. Only when you have made the payment when the applicant’s contact information will be available. 

On the applicants’ side, SimplyHired provides some beneficial tools you can utilize as guides, so you get better chances of being matched with great offers. 


CareerBuilder is among the most trusted job boards – on par with Monster. But unlike most of its competitors, it doesn’t have a strong and intelligent strong search mechanism. It doesn’t have the strength others have in this regard – but that is for the applicant’s party. 

CareerBuilder is confident that if you are an employer, it can save you money by about 50% because of its proprietary Talent Acquisition Solution that brings down the cost per candidate that a recruiter will have to spend. When you post an ad, they can make it available to as many as 80 million job seekers in the US. Included in the features that you pay for as an employer is initiating and maintaining engagement with job candidates through automation. With the technology innovation, they are now incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the way they create matches between applicants and employers.


From what the name suggests, FinderMaster can get you anything that you’re after on the internet. Like a few of the websites listed here, FinderMaster is an online marketplace where anyone can list services he or she is selling or promoting. An applicant can readily jump on to the Job Search Category. Then, a subcategory will have to be selected before the ads show up. If the location isn’t specified, the location will be based on your IP address, which means that it connects to your location automatically. If you are a recruiter whose main goal is to list the job opening here, you’ll find yourself in good hands. The listing process is very systematic and natural. In less than 5 minutes, you can get it successfully done. 

The Conclusion – Finding jobs is fun, yet a life-changing move!

Landing a new job can potentially be a life-changing move. It can take you to the next phase of your life, and this is why the sites listed on this page matter in so many of our lives. Go ahead, and browse through them to see how you can build your future!