We have a pre-defined weight for anything in this universe. But have we ever thought “How much does the Entire Internet Weigh?” Sounds weird? 

Elements that contribute to the Internet weight

All the chats, emails, YouTube videos, files shared like pictures, videos, etc., will increase the complexity of the internet and hence it is quite a vast thing to estimate. So do you know how much data shared through the internet on an average day weigh?

Let me share an interesting fact with you. Are you aware that 9% of the internet traffic covers the emails and Seventy-five is due to the file-sharing?

How is it calculated?

Understanding and getting to know all the essential process that controls the data and information passing through the Internet will determine the actual weight of the Internet. The process may include just an email sent or a video uploaded from a personal webcam. 

A trending video on YouTube!

Apart from all these approximate estimates, there is an amazing video on YouTube by a YouTuber “Vsauce” who had tried to get the bottom of this and gives us the fact that a brand new kindle weighs 10^-18 less than a Kindly with full books. 

Vsauce performs his calculation, which starts with an estimate that almost 8 billion electrons are required to store 1 email of 50kb. An Ampere is some ten to the eighteenth electrons a second, and the average chip runs at a Gigaher[t]z, fairly straightforward calculation reveals that some 50 grams of electrons in motion make up the Internet. [50 g = roughly 2 ounces.]

A simple calculation!

We all know that the Internet runs on electrons, and actually, the electrons are very small. With the help of the Einsteins equation (E=mc2), it is possible to take all the energy (E) from that powers the Internet and turn that into something which we can weigh. With the inspiration from Einstein’s formula, John D. Kubiatowicz, a professor at the University of California, estimates that the Internet is about 50 grams of electrons in motion – nothing but a weight of a little strawberry.

The Conclusion!

The weight of the Internet varies daily as per the amount of data shared, and servers added every year.



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