How to do exponents in Java? The first thing you need to understand is Java does not have an exponent operator like other programming languages. Even if it is you can handle similar mathematical operations in Java by importing one static mathematics class i.e. java.util.Math. Some of the operations this math library support are finding the absolute value calculation, round value, trigonometric value calculation, exponent calculation etc. The results of all these mathematical operations are always “double,” though they can be converted to integers or floats when required.

Step 1: Open your preferred Java editor.

Step 2: Create a new file or open the existing Java source file as needed.

Step 3: Type the following command import at the top of the document:


Step 4: Add the following anywhere in the document:

Double result = Math.pow(number, exponent);

Then replace the “number” with the base value and “exponent” with the exponent it is to be raised to.

For example:

double result = Math.pow(4,2);

This results in 16, or 4^2.


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