LetGo Alternatives

Letgo is an online platform that specifically targets mobile users. While their marketplace has a web version, they promote their app extensively because that is where the trend is going these days. A lot more people are on their phones most of the time than they are on their laptops or desktop. The convenience that smartphones and tablets offer has become an indispensable and non-negotiable part of our lives. 

The company was founded in 2015. It’s relatively young, which is particularly true if you compare it with other listing platforms that you can find around. From the time that it was built, it grew very quickly and has reached multi-million subscribers right away. One main explanation for this is attributed to the cost of using this platform. Practically speaking, using it is free of charge. Nonetheless, there’s an option for the paid service in the app that was created in 2018. Since most of the features are free on Letgo, it makes money by letting their platforms be an avenue for ads. 

Good reviews on the platform are overflowing. The majority of who used the services have given it very good remarks, such as how easy, quick, and reliable to use it. 

In just as simple as downloading the app, setting up your account, taking a picture of your stuff, uploading it to the platform, dropping a price, and providing some more information, you would be able to list your service or ad. It’s a seamless process. There’s a wide variety of products that you can sell on the platform. You name it: from cars, electronics, home and garden, clothing and accessories, to baby items, and sports and leisure. It could be anything. They are not limited to what has already been mentioned. So whatever product you are planning to sell, you must definitely take advantage of this platform and get them listed here. The main strength, however, of LetGo is to provide an avenue for interested sellers to sell second-hand items. 

Letgo is being overseen by a huge company. It’s safe to use and provides wonderful customer service. They just don’t let the users create an account without a security process; they also have a set of verification processes that you can trust. So as a seller, if you suspect that your potential buyers might be a fraud, then you can inspect that user’s account, report, and block him. 

Unlike other listing platforms, the sellers have the upper hand to review. The buyers can only review the item they bought once the sellers have given them a review. 

Despite some of the great features that Letgo has to offer, there are still some constraints that come with it which will make others or interested sellers turn their back from using the app. One important setback here is it’s not available worldwide. Since it allows users to be verified for safety and security purposes, it’s a challenge for the company to expand as quickly as they wish to. With that, it’s only available in a few countries outside its home country, which is the United States. 



Poshmark is a fashion-focused marketplace that brings together fashion enthusiasts and aficionados so they can do business with each other and expand ideas and style. It’s not just an online marketplace, and it also brands itself a social media that just doesn’t provide an avenue for advertising, but also for the exchange of ideas and further learning about the trends in fashion and style. Yes, the platform isn’t just about clothes and accessories; it’s also a space for anything related to style and beauty, be it about your vanity, hygiene, or home decor. 

In addition to that, it’s got all other things to offer. You must create an account, so you can use the platform. You can also download the app or use its web version. The app is available on both Android and iOS-powered smartphones. To use the service, they will charge a flat fee of $2.95 for any product that sells for anything under $15.



ThredUp is another platform that aims to be a hub for fashion, so people can take advantage of it if they’re planning on selling used clothes or accessories. Although it is a legitimate platform that interested parties can use to sell their used clothes, they have a different business model that may play far away from other listing platforms. 

Here, on ThredUp, you’re going to have to send your clothes to the company. Then they will have to review it if they pass their standards. Once they’ve passed, they will be listed on the platform. Once your clothes or accessories are sold, sellers get the payout. 

ThredUp is especially nice if you are planning to downsize your wardrobe. It could be that you simply want to dispose of them. If that is the case and you don’t care about the money, then you can just simply opt-in for a charity donation. Hence, if your clothes get sold, the money will be donated to the charity instead. 



Carousell is a one-stop listing and marketplace as here sellers don’t just get to advertise, but they also have the ability to finish up the sale here. While its brand or name may not resonate as much as the other platforms out there, it is a descendant of Olx. The brand is a major player as a marketplace in some of the small but economically prosperous countries of Asia. It sits under that famous listing brand. It provides an avenue for interested sellers to sell their used goods. The platform allows sellers to sell a variety of items. It has an extensive catalog. Essentially, it’s a general merchandise online marketplace that enables sellers to create their own presence and, even, brand online. 

Carousell earns in two ways: First is by letting ads sit on its pages. The second is by charging a certain fee to get some ads to be listed on the platform. 



Depop is also a platform for buyers and sellers to turn to if they are interested in clothes, jewelry, beauty, and style. It’s a London-based company, but it operates in some of the cities in Italy, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. 

It was created in 2011 to provide a platform for interested sellers to put on the market their used stuff and creative output for clothing. What makes it closer to people is it also has a version of the app, even if it has a very good and extremely user-friendly web version. So, those who are always on the go and who are on their smartphones or tablets most of the time can greatly benefit from Depop. Its app version is available both on Android and iOS-run devices. As a seller, you will have to set up your shop here, depending on the style or product that you sell. Then when a curious buyer notices you, they can purchase your time. But, here, you will have to do the shipping and all the legwork yourself. 



Oodle is a major presence when it comes to listing services. It isn’t a marketplace like the ones that it followed, so it can’t be directly compared. Where it gets its strength from, however, is its popularity. Sellers may want to use the platform to their ads listed to increase openness or visibility. Advertising here is completely free, yet the platform doesn’t have the capability to process the sale over here. It promotes in-person business transactions, so it will be very good if you are planning to sell within your community. 

Another advantage here is you’re also able to advertise a whole variety of things. It just doesn’t end with the product that you’re selling, but it could also be a service that you are offering. When you get to its homepage, the default location is the United States; however, it’s available in a few other countries: Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 



WallClassifieds has a serene atmosphere that one will easily find comfortable using it. Its user interface is just refreshing, and while you may see some ads popping up, they’re not entirely bothersome. The layout is clear and uncomplicated. One can navigate with great ease and get their ad listed. All that the seller needs to do to get started is to hit the “Publish Your Add” button, which is located at the top right-hand corner of the homepage. 

The process is pretty standard: one will have to fill out the category and the subcategory, followed by the title and the description. After that, you will have to fill out your contact details, so interested buyers can reach out to your if they deem it necessary. Unlike the Letgo platform, however, this doesn’t have an app version, so sellers will have to use the web browser section for this. Even then, the website is highly user-friendly even for mobile use. 



Craigslist doesn’t deserve to have that much an explanation, simply because it’s one among the first that started online marketplace and listing services. So, one of the biggest and the oldest in the industry, so it surely knows how to play the game and what works and doesn’t. It’s not a marketplace, however. It’s only a listing platform that offers free services to allow interested sellers to advertise. Business transactions are mostly done via in-person meetups. While its services are available across the world, it promotes local selling. What it does best is to connect sellers with interested buyers. It improves exposure, so sellers can reach a wider audience. 

While the homepage can present an overwhelming amount of information, if one pays enough attention, it’s easy to use. Listing your ad will require you to fill out a short form so you can help your prospective buyers see if they are looking at the product that will fit what they are essentially looking for. 



H1Ad is a listing platform that bolsters sellers’ chance to reach out to as many prospective buyers at an entirely free cost. Although it doesn’t have an amazing interface, it’s enough for anyone to easily figure out how to do things here. It’s light and free from unnecessary pomp. It doesn’t have an app that sellers can download and use to list ads and monitor their accounts, but it’s user-friendly. Both the desktop and the mobile web versions are specially customized to bring convenience to their users. While you can post an ad just once without an account, so you can monitor and organize the ads that you will be sporting, you must create an account. Creating an account is especially helpful if you are planning to build a solid presence online as you will look more credible and legitimate. With an account, there’s a bigger chance that you will easily get the customer’s experience. 



AdvertiseEra is another awesome platform that you must use if you maximize the full potential of your presence online. It has a black and yellow color theme that is just refreshing, although the ads are also there, just like some of the other listing platforms we find here on the list. It’s entirely free so paying to use its services is the last thing you can worry about. The listing process is quick, although it’s not as smooth as on the other platforms, wherein you can pay a certain fee to use their products. The process includes specifying the right category together with the details about the product you are advertising or selling. You must also include the details about you to make sure that you can be contacted if an interested buyer comes along. Some of the details will include the price of your item, your address, name, phone number, and email address. 



There are not many words to dissuade anyone from using ClassifiedAds because first: it’s entirely free. And an equally important reason is: it’s the best-looking listing platform here, without a doubt. It looks highly engaging without the unnecessary stuff littering around, such as ads that some find annoying or a little troublesome. 

Posting an ad will start by clicking on the button that says, “Post your ad, free!” Then succeeding input fields will show up asking for more details about the product or service that you are selling. Take note, however, that this isn’t a marketplace. Hence, the platform only allows you to advertise and doesn’t provide an avenue to complete a sale over the website. It also covers a wide variety of products and services that you can bring to this; hence you should be able to sell almost anything possible and legitimate here. The biggest setback here, however, is it’s only available in the United States.