OfferUp Alternatives
OfferUp Alternatives

OfferUp is an online platform that allows you to buy and sell with a special focus on the mobile experience. Established back in 2011, it was founded to directly compete against Craigslist. As it drew inspiration from one of the successful listing platforms back then, it was initially designed to promote in-person meet-ups. The platform at first only served as a medium to connect the seller and the prospective buyers. 

Back in the day when it was first being built when mobile devices weren’t that advanced yet, its creators were ahead of their peers. They knew the potential that portable and mobile devices could deliver years into the future. 

OfferUp was among the first – if not the first – of its kind to focus on mobile usability for the consumers. With their idea, they gained an advantage over their competitors, mainly Craigslist and eBay. It wasn’t an easy start, however. It took them about four years before the company was able to gain traction and make it to fame. 

The company prides itself as the simplest app that anyone can use to successfully buy and sell a wide range of items within his or her local community. Since it’s one of the biggest and reputable online marketplaces that are optimized for the mobile experience, it is easily among the most trusted ones as well. 

Millions of people are already using it. A significant number of sellers and buyers are in there, allowing for a vibrant community to flourish that’s further empowered by trust. 

Since the platform is designed for mobile use, for smartphones and tablets, anyone who wishes to explore its functionality and advantages will have to first download the app. 

If you are a seller, all that you must do to get started with your post is to take a picture of your product. It will only take less than a minute for this pic to get posted. Add in a few details about it; then you’re product will be listed. 

As a seller, you will be rated and given different badges by your customers. It’s very much like social media, you must build a good relationship with others that are around you who may be your potential clients. Your profile can easily be checked, which can be the cornerstone of whether people will buy from you or not. 

Buyers can easily send sellers a message. It is a smooth and seamless transaction between sellers and buyers that easily foster trust and great communication. It is surely a great place to sell any products or used items that you have stashed in the cellar or in the attic or those things you will no longer use in the future. 

For anyone who is always on the go while planning to downsize, OfferUp will be your best associate in from advertising, marketing, connecting to your potential clients to making the sale itself.

Here we’ve provided the top 10 alternatives to OfferUp that you can resort to:

1. Wall Classifieds 

Wall Classifieds is a free listing platform, just like most of what we see now on the list. Given that Wall Classifieds has a better theme than most that you will here on the list, one can easily say that this has a friendlier and more welcoming interface. It’s easier to use because of how it looks despite looking almost similar to some of the platforms listed here. Because it’s a free platform, one can expect that it won’t be as smooth and as neat as some services that will charge you a particular fee to use their listing service. 

All that you need to do to get started is simply click on that button “Publish Your Ad” at the top right corner of the screen. By clicking on that, you will be redirected to a page wherein you will have to complete a form and supply details about your product. Unlike OfferUp, it doesn’t have an app version. So, sellers can only use web browser level.

2. Locanto 

Locanto is a well-established, well-managed, and expansive listing service that one will be excited to use or bring their business to. It’s not surprising that it sits among the most successful online listing platforms, given the fact that it has already been around for about 15 years. Although it started its first few years in the United States, its creators were Germans. Like OfferUp, it also has an app available that allows sellers to list their ads even if they are on the go. It has a very good advantage given the fact that the majority of us find it more comfortable to do our business with our mobile devices. It seems that today, to keep yourself in a competition, you must also adapt to using mobile applications.

Despite the support and the great experience that you can get from using it, posting an ad here is completely free of charge. So spending a single dime is the last thing you must worry about.

3. FinderMaster 

FinderMaster is just simply one of the best out there. It’s light. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. It’s everything that makes everything painless that you wouldn’t complain about. Yet, at the same time, it’s fully competent in delivering the results and the experience that you are looking for. The icons are perfectly in place, well-curated. The overall look is professional and encourages sellers to put up their advertisements. It feels equally the same with the buyers. 

Because it is well-structured, it’s not at all troublesome to trust it. Other than its neatness, there’s not much more special in it when posting an ad. It would be the same drill as other listing platforms. Hence, it only means that to be able to post your ad, you must undergo a couple of steps as you must select the right category, enough details about the product, and your contact information. Yet, the best part here is it’s also free, although you may think at first if you must pay a fee to be able to use it.

4.  Carousell 

Carousell is an online marketplace platform and is not just a listing service. It’s a place online where sellers can advertise their products and get them sold using the services that Carousell offers. So when a seller uses the platform, they are allowed to transact or complete the sale when a buyer purchased the seller’s products. |Caroussell allows the payment to be processed on its platform. 

With all the services, the company usually charges a small amount for getting an ad listed, and they may take a small commission if the product or the item gets sold. 

The company is based in Singapore and strongly operates in different countries in Asia, particularly in the Southeast Asian regions. Here, sellers have the opportunity to create their own sales channel, where they can have a list or display of the products, for both new and used.

5. Depop

While Depop is a marketplace, it’s not for every time that you can return to this, especially if your product doesn’t fit what Depop is about. It has a specific niche, which means that unless your product qualifies or belongs to that niche, it won’t be entertained on Depop. With that said, Depop is a fashion-centric marketplace. It was built to serve the need of fashion aficionados, so even if they were from far away, they could have more options available to them. 

The company entertains both the new and the used clothes or any accessories related to fashion. For sellers, they can create their own sales channel, so they can establish their brand, reputation, and credibility. For every item that gets sold, Depop takes a cut from it. Hence, it’s on a commission basis.

6. Craigslist 

The name Craigslist already rings a bell for most. While some might not be fully aware yet of what it is about, there’s a high degree of familiarity that comes with Craigslist. It’s one of the popular listing services that you can easily find when you look for one online. 

As a seller, if you looking for an OfferUp alternative because you are going to be focusing more on the web services, surely, you can take advantage of the free listing service you can get from Craigslist. 

In a few seamless steps, you can get your advertisement listed. To begin, create an account. Although having an account is not entirely a requirement, by having one, you will have more features that you can use to manage even better your advertisements. The overall process is straightforward in that in only a few minutes; your ad will already be ready. You must be ready with the information you want to share about yourself. By doing so, when an interested buyer sees your ad, then you can be approached.

7. Geebo 

Like Craigslist, Geebo is an American-based company. It is a legitimate listing platform that you can rely on when you are planning to advertise online for a service or product that you offer within your locality. When you start posting an ad, you will have to select among the following options of the type of product or service that you have: Merchandise, Resumes, Services, Construction/Farm, Vehicles, Real Estate, Employment, Rentals/Roommates. You will have to first look at the “Post” option, so you will be redirected to the next page, wherein you will select a category. While it will require to specify your location, the list that they have is only limited to the cities in the United States. This will surely not serve to your benefit if you are looking to reach out to other people outside the country. 

Geebo is well-structured. One won’t have a hard time trying to navigate the platform, and it’s also been around for over two decades. It will surely be worth your time.

8. FreeAdsTime 

FreeAdsTime is an easy-to-use online listing platform for anyone who’s looking to maximize all the free services that are truly useful to increase visibility. Free Ads Time is quick and flexible. You can post an ad without even having an account. But, if you would like to use it for a longer term, it’d be best that you create one, so you can have some of its great features available at your disposal. While the overall process is not as smooth as the other listing platform has, nothing is complex here. You fill out a form and provide helpful details about the item you are putting on the market and your contact information. Hence, if an interested buyer comes across your ad, it won’t be difficult to contact you. There’s a mandatory category, title, and description section that allows you to bolster the chances of your product is getting sold. 

Free Ads Time is available almost everywhere and not just limited to the cities or estates in the United States. So, if you are from Asia or one of the countries in Europe, you can still count on this one.

9. Oodle 

Oodle is another listing platform that’s available for sellers looking for an alternative to OfferUp. Although established back in 2004, it has maintained its robustness that until now it’s still performing very well. Like Craigslist, it’s familiar to a lot of Americans given that it was built in the country and is currently based in California. A little unique in its business model is it’s just not a listing platform but also is an aggregator. Hence, it just doesn’t advertise the ads listed on them, but also those that are listed on other platforms. This is a clean and legitimate business model. 

Oodle resembles Facebook as far as the user interface is concerned. While it can make one wonder, nothing is surprising about it as Oodle aims to have the users link their Facebook account to their platform. Sellers can log in using their Facebook credentials or create an account with a valid email address.

10. H1Ad 

H1Ad may look intimidating and complex at first since when you get to its homepage, the first thing that you will probably notice are ads scattered everywhere. But if you pay enough attention without so much effort, all the necessary icons are easy to find. 

Publishing your ad is completely free. All you must do to start is click the “Publish Your Ad for Free” button. Then on the next page, you will find a drop-down that has a list of categories. The list is extensive, so please take enough time to pick the right or the closest one to the product or service that you are advertising. Your next stop after this is the title and the description sections, which you must carefully spend time filling. This is to ensure they will help you serve your purpose.