I’m getting so excited to teach you what is RAM and ROM . Oh sorry, you already learned these two terms in primary school, right? But then why is your phone still getting slower? Time to question your knowledge.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Yes, we will consider RAM as your washing machine. Every morning, you throw your clothes inside the washing machine, and you press the ON button. You know the fact that every washing machine comes with a capacity (say 6–10 liters), and you know that you cannot put anything extra than that capacity. RAM works kind of the same way.

When your RAM has more capacity, you can store more process at a time, but when your washing machine is already running full, you cannot push something more into it, or if you do! It will suck (stuck, I mean).

RAM is beautiful; it’s a poor little boy working hard inside your mobile phone processing every application, every data that you use when your phone is active. It even helps you keep background apps running. However, loading your 2GB RAM with 1.5GB data might slow down your mobile. It’s simply because of many reasons: the quality of the RAM, the OS management (iOS manages RAM far better than Android), etc. So it’s always recommended to use only 50–60% of your RAM (which is optimal from my experience).

I’ll put it again.

You open an app — they are running on your RAM — you close the app — app gets out of the RAM.

That’s how it works.

Cleaning the RAM is recommended, but most of the Android phones are coming up with beautiful technologies to help you optimize the RAM, it’s easy. Just learn it and execute it.

ROM (Read Only Memory)

ROM is something you don’t have to worry about. The ROM on our phones use EEPROM technology which means electronically erasable programmable ROM. It’s rewritable to an extent, but you cannot simply rewrite the firmware all the time. Your internal storage is inside the ROM, and you’ll be able to use around 60–80% of your ROM for storage. 

Make sure your ROM is not full, because it then makes your phone lag like those award movies. It’s optimal to keep some space always inside memory disks like RAM and ROM, because they work as an emergency fund and it keeps them healthy.

Yes, I accept the fact that this is what you’ve learned in school, but when it comes to practical use, it’s tough to adapt the RAM cleaning ideas and optimized usage tricks. I’d recommend you something from my personal experience. Keep an eye on your RAM (especially if you’re using a budget phone).

Few of the new smartphone brands have come up with memory optimizers, and they clean up the RAM and trash memory, they even send you critical notifications about cleaning your phone. Just take 3 minutes to optimize your phone with the help of those apps, and that’s all you need to do. I’m sure you’ll thank me later for the performance.

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