This image if only for the purpose of representation
This image if only for the purpose of representation

The topic of this article may have shocked you, especially if you never heard about this breaking news in the year 1998. Yes! This is true that Sony accidentally released a huge number of camcorders in the market in the year 1998 and it never knew that its technology would cause so much chaos. The combination of technologies it used made some of the people see through people’s clothes as the special lenses was equipped with an advanced infrared light (IR).

The reality behind these camcorders

If you’re feeling shocked, then let me reveal the reality of these camcorders. It was a combination of the extended infrared version, low light mode provided in these night camcorders and some other factors. The combination of these features and the special lens led to this unfortunate incident. It would have been much better if Sony had tested these camcorders in all types of light conditions and then released these camcorders.

Sony launched these Camcorders especially for those who love Night Camcorders Sony was specially targeting the people who love night vision camcorders. By providing special features, it thought that it would get more success worldwide, but a technology glitch really spoilt it. It is quite possible that these camcorders would have got massive success and may have increased the profits of Sony, but may be destiny didn’t allow it.

What type of clothes it could go through easily?

These camcorders could easily go through dark colored clothes as well as thin fabrics. Sony must have definitely done many tests to know that how this biggest technology glitch happened and how could the camcorders function in such an unique way. We don’t have the idea that whether the same see-through technology even worked on light colored clothes and many people have various questions related to the same aspect.

Did Sony knew about this feature?

The answer is “No”, and no company would want to launch a product with such type of feature which can be used in a wrong way. Sony was trying out new technology and that’s why this mistake happened. Sony would have never released any product that can cause chaos and problems.

What Companies can learn from this?

You might be thinking that what could be the reason that I’ve put in so much efforts in researching about this unfortunate incident of the year 1998. The only motive is that to make my readers know that sometimes things do happen opposite than the plans. Companies can always remember this event and make sure that they test their products properly before launching them in the market. May it be a camcorder, smartphone or any other product, it is necessary that proper tests are done before releasing them in the market.

These camcorders became popular, but then serious issues started coming up and Sony could have faced lot of troubles. As there was no other way available, Sony recalled all the camcorders, but then too the problems didn’t stop for the company. When it launch the same camcorders after removing the technology glitch, people still altered it and used the see-through-clothing feature. Sony may never forget the year 1998 and it may never want to make such a mistake again. Technology glitches can sometime cause lot of troubles and Sony definitely learnt a lot from this unfortunate incident.


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