Lingerie Sites

Feel even better and improve some aspects of life. Wearing lingerie has that magic in making a woman feel incredible and confident about herself. 

You may be a woman and looking for it to boost your confidence and impress your partner. On the other, you may be looking for it to give as a gift. But it’s not that easy to find the best ones out there that truly capture the charm and the glamour. 

Like with anything, quality should never be compromised. So here, we’ve listed down below our recommended sites where you can get your lingerie that will, indeed, captivate the essence of lingerie to make you or a woman feel great about yourself or herself. 


Victoria’s Secret is well-famed for their lingeries worldwide. Undoubtedly, it’s among the most famous as far as women’s undergarment is concerned. It’s the industry’s household name. They annually hold the grandest lingerie fashion show where you would normally see the biggest celebrities and runway models to showcase their newest designs. Perhaps, it’s fair to say that they set the trend in this field. With all that said, there could be no doubt that they are a powerhouse. What that means is, here, you get beyond satisfactory quality, comfort, and flair. 


To help you decide fast enough to get the lingerie suits your taste, give it a shot at 123 Ave. It will present you straightforwardly with the best options that you can have for your undergarments. They are readily categorized into blocks according to the style and the type of material used. Hence, it won’t have to be difficult to figure out what type of lingerie you may be gravitating to on the site. Some that you will find there would corset, leather, babydoll, bodystockings, and plus-size lingerie. In addition to that, 123 Ave also houses sexy bras, panties, and jewelry. 


La Vie en Rose Boutique specializes in women’s nighttime apparel and undergarments. They have been known because of the lingerie line offering a wide variety of excellent styles for this type of nightwear that fits well to a woman’s physique. The designs commonly feature elaborate lace textures and smooth, satin fabric that has just the right amount of elasticity. If you are looking for the best slate with only great options to pick from, this one should fit the bill. There are simply no awful styles that they allow to come upon their lineup.


If you are looking for lingerie that may readily appeal to young women, you have a huge chance of finding one right here on Nasty Gal. Once considered the fastest-growing retailer, they have a wide customer base around the globe. Despite being based in the US, they cater to customers internationally. Their designs are tailored to appeal to young ladies. Their product lineup doesn’t just specialize in lingerie but women’s clothing in general. Going for the apparel here will surely empower ladies. Their range of selections is astonishing. 


Yandy has very good customer service. You can confidently shop here the lingerie fix that will stun your partner and will make you feel proud of yourself with a seamless process. Simultaneously, one might initially think that their lingerie motif solely relies on pink and black. They go far beyond that. A wide variety of composition awaits for you that will excite. They are custom-made to spur imagination and to step up the fun to a whole new level. What makes it even better are the truly consumer-friendly prices. 


Lovehoney is the UK’s main gun when it comes to women’s adult garments. It’s the number shopping site to get your lingerie collection. Their product lineups aren’t only crafted to empower and fulfill your fantasies while keeping everything healthy and decently sensual. Even if we’re talking about lingerie, they also house contraptions that will keep your mind and body playful and excited. You can also get your adult toys from here. This retail is based in the UK and may not ship to some of the countries in the world. 


H&M is among the largest fashion and clothing retail in the world that cater to working people and millennials. The quality is right. The price is right. It’s the perfect place to go-to when you’re running out of options. 

Simply put, it’s a staple as far as any kind of clothing is concerned. Yes, that includes lingerie. Although they mass produce, their designs are carefully filtered and examined to make sure they meet high-standards and possess a certain level of elegance. So lingerie from H&M should also be exciting and should pay off well. 


Walmart has never-ending options for everything, which gives it the capability to reduce their prices for the goods they sell. As it is a general merchandise store, clothing and apparel are one of their product arms. So, you can find the best-priced lingeries. They are highly marked down while you remain to have an overflowing of option. Right on the savings and right on your time. If you’re lucky and patient enough, you can even take home with you more than one lingeries for the same amount of money you have paid elsewhere for one.  


Your best bet for the unique lingerie that you mostly will not find elsewhere perhaps would be at Etsy. Most of them are handmade and carefully crafted to deliver great pleasure and a one-of-a-kind feel. Known to have high-quality and excellent craftsmanship, everything you get from Etsy is one-for-the-books. The lingerie has the right comfort and perfect aesthetics as it has been tailored, designed, and manufactured by artisans. Here, mass production isn’t the priority. Here, the holy-grail is customer satisfaction based on class and taste. 


If you are looking for lingeries that can readily compare to that of the most famous brands at far affordable price points, Fashion Nova has got your back. While it may be a little out of the limelight, Fashion Nova has been slowly and effectively carving out a name for itself as fashion might that will not put a dent in your pocket. For the top-of-the-line caliber lingeries that will not cost you expensively and hurt your savings, get them from there. Amazing designs and amazing touch. 

Here are the bonus sites:


La Senza is popular throughout the world. It used to dominate the industry of lingerie and other intimate apparel. And a great part of that still holds true to this day, that under its portfolio are hundreds of retail stores spread across different countries. 

As one of the domineering players in the lingerie market, it has become an iconic brand with a wide array of products, from lingering to other women’s intimate nightwear. Their name and reputation have become synonymous with luxurious undergarments designed to empower and uplift women.  


Luxury-level quality at an unbelievably modest price range, and you’ve got lingerie from Adore Me. Born to make sure that cost is optimized to deliver the finest lingeries without compromising high standards, Adore Me proves to be a huge success. Despite being young in its establishment, it is famous and a mighty key player in the women’s intimate garments industry. It has built a distinguished reputation for its ability to produce fast while maintaining superb quality and high-fashion design in its products. 


Maybe, after all, you’re looking more than just lingerie that will fulfill and live up to your fantasies. If you’re looking for something more than that and you want your nightwear to be a status symbol, then the ones from Natori should be for you. Here, luxury and intimacy are molded into one. The result is innovative elegance that comes with a justifiable price tag. If you don’t want to compromise with the price and are willing to pay for that luxury, get your lingerie supply here.