Trovit alternatives

Trovit is a platform that is – to your surprise – a search engine for the products, listing, ads that you are looking for. It covers three key areas: Home, Cars, and Jobs. The idea for listing platforms online is to provide an avenue for interested buyers to shop around and look for people who have the products or services that they are looking for. Trovit does the same thing, but with an innovative model. 

How Trovit works? 

Instead of letting the buyers create an account on the platform or post an ad using its in-house listing feature, it pools together the ads that have been posted on different platforms. It is an online listing aggregator. Hence, when a prospective buyer searches for an ad, what will show up on the results page is the list of ads that Trovit compiled from thousands of platforms or websites.

The company’s services are available in a lot of countries, although it first originated in Spain. It was founded in 2006 and had been holding the spot as the leading online listing platform since 2012. Close to a hundred million people from different countries worldwide visit the platform. A great reason for that is Trovit is also available in different languages. That feature helps prospective sellers and buyers who don’t speak any language but their native language.  

Because of the prevalence now of mobile devices: smartphones and tablets, Trovit also has an app that sellers or interested buyers can download to their devices. They can open this app on their devices and list an ad for all the categories that Trovit offers.

How do sellers advertise on Trovit if they want? 

Unfortunately, not every seller can list an ad on Trovit; they will only allow the pages that you already own to be integrated with their system. If you don’t have one, your best chance is to get your ads listed on other websites that Trovit gets the ads from. 

If you have your own page for your ads, you will have to go to their Partners section and follow the steps that will tell you how to integrate your ads to their platform. But take note: Sellers can only do this if they have their own classifieds portal for the product that they are selling. 

Such a case doesn’t apply to all interested sellers. The workaround is to go the Trovit’s homepage. Then click on the category of the product that you would like to sell. At the top right-hand corner, you must see “Post a listing.” After clicking on that, you will be able to see the recommended platform by Trovit that you can explore and list your ad on. Hence, when an interested or prospective buyer searches for it on Trovit, it will show up on the homepage. 

While the info provided above generally applies to different countries, take note that there may be some variations and differences when it comes to options and steps that one will have to follow. The app availability also varies. 

Because of the limitations that the platform bears with them, some sellers might be interested in just simply looking for other listing websites. So, here, we’ve provided 10 great options that you must consider if you want to skip out on Trovit. 


Poshmark is a great alternative to Trovit for anyone who is looking to sell used clothes or any items that are related to men’s, women’s fashion, home, and pet accessories. It’s a simple and engaging platform that makes buying and selling enjoyable. More than just being a marketplace at the service of buyers and sellers, it presents itself as a community for fashion-centric individuals. Millions of people are on the platform because not only of the quality of the products are great, but the prices are among the best too. It’s available in both the web and app versions. One great thing about it is it empowers individual sellers the ability to get their ads on public, increasing their visibility and allowing sellers to reach as many interested people as possible.  

Poshmark has a minimum fee of $2.95. Anything that you sell under 15 dollars will be charged that minimum. For anything above $15, the platform takes a 20% commission. 


One of the effective listing services that you can find around is Geebo, so you must certainly take advantage of it. You won’t have to pay a dime to use it. And using this platform will get you a huge advantage since it has extensive coverage for the categories that are allowed to be sold here. Sellers can advertise anything about Merchandise, Vehicles, Construction/Farm Equipment, Services, Employment, Rentals, Real Estates, and to name a few. 

Unfortunately, though, it’s not for all the sellers across the world since it’s only available in the United States. If you qualify to advertise for it, the process is simple and quite pleasant than other listing services. You must look for the “Post” button located at the top section of the web page. After that, you must click on the specific category of the product you’re selling. A big disadvantage, however, is it doesn’t have an app. Only the web version is available for both the sellers and the buyers. 


ClassifiedAds is very much like Geebo as far as the excellent user interface is concerned. ClassifiedAds site is simple yet engaging. With just the right format and icons, it’s easy to use and find what you need. What is even better is it’s entirely free of charge. And for such a beauty like this, it’s impossible to believe so. It’s also very sellers’ friendly, especially to first-time users. 

While anyone who tries the platform should be able to post an ad without a headache, ClassifiedAds provides a free video tutorial to anyone who wants to feel more confident in listing the services or products they are selling. To get started with your listing your ad, you must click the “Post an ad free” button, which is easily identifiable. After going through that, you will be asked to complete a form that begins with the category, subcategory, and location option. The platform has also an extensive category and subcategory option, so you can rely on CloassifiedAds for almost anything you want to sell. 


Sellers who would like to bring to the market their used clothes and accessories. Not only that it’s one of the best marketplaces around in the industry to sell anything related to fashion, but it’s also very affordable. It’s both available on the web and the app versions, so it’s convenient to use either way. 

For sellers to get started, all they must do is simply create an account, take a snapshot of the product they would like to sell, and write a few details about it. Hence, when interested buyers come across the product the seller is selling, they will be able to gauge if the one that they’re looking for is fit to their liking. Vinted makes its earning by taking the commission from the buyers instead of the common listing practices wherein companies take a cut from the sellers instead. Although to increase the popularity of the ad, sellers can foot with a little fee so their ad goes up the ladder and become more popular.


Carousell is one of the best in Asia, especially in smaller countries. It’s a marketplace for selling almost anything. Hence, it just doesn’t provide a way for the sellers to advertise but also to close in sales. Within the platform, buyers and sellers can process and close the transactions as Carousell allows the payment to be processed. It’s a very good opportunity to take advantage of, particularly if the sellers want to establish a brand presence or create a sales channel for continuous sales. 

The office is currently based in Singapore, although it’s developed directly from Olx in some countries. For instance, there are some countries where Olx is no longer available, so when you get to it, it will go directly to Carousell. The company makes its earnings from the ads posted on the website and by charging a small fee from the sellers. 


Are you an artist who would like to sell your creations or designs or are you a seller who has a knack for anything related to decoration and handcrafted stuff? If you fall under either, then you may want to take your business to Etsy. This is your answer to take your artistry and your finished output without bearing the fear of it not being noticed. 

On Etsy, everything that’s being sold is special. It specifically focuses on providing an avenue for sellers whose creations do not generally fall under the general interest or common items. If you have a special work that demonstrates your special talent, bring it on here. It’d be easier to find someone interested in it. It’s a niche platform for crafts and arts. Please take note, however, that for every listing that will be made, the seller or the lister will have to pay $0.20. 


Shopolop is a lite marketplace that looks so clean and well maintained. While shoppers will find it easy to shop here, making the sellers interested, listing an ad won’t be as straightforward when compared to other platforms that we have already talked about here. 

Since it’s also a marketplace and not just simply a listing platform, interested sellers will have to fill out a form with their name, email address, and the message containing the details of the product they would like to sell. The admin will review the email and will take them a few days before they can respond. So, yes, when someone wants to sell their product here, they wouldn’t be able to do it as quickly as they want. It will have to be thoroughly screened. Nonetheless, Shopolop is a great platform to provide someone with a high degree of success in selling products. It’s a general marketplace. Hence, for almost any product you have, you can rely upon it. 


WallClassifieds is purely a listing company. So, you can’t expect it to become a full-fledged platform wherein you can market and sell your product or service. The seller’s biggest advantage here is it’s completely free of charge to list an ad here. As it is a general listing platform, there are tons of products that you can list here by simply fulfilling a step-by-step process. The “Publish Your Ad” button is easily noticeable. After clicking on that, the first you must do is select a category and the subcategory. After that, you should continue to provide more information about the product that you are selling. As a seller who wants to build a strong presence and be in control of all the features that this platform has to offer, you must create an account. Although creating an account isn’t an absolute necessity, it will help you strategize more. 


FreeAdsTime is absolutely a free listing platform that you can use to grow your audience and your business. It’s great for increasing your exposure and maximizing your potential buyers. Although, you would be wrong to think that it’s a marketplace. Like WallClassifieds, the best it can do for you is to allow you to advertise. 

All the other transactions will have to come between you and your buyer. With that said, FreeAdsTime doesn’t allow a point of sale. It’s only best if you would like to build or increase your audience reach without costing you a single penny. Almost the same process will have to be followed here, which means you must carefully specify the type of product that you are selling. Completing the listing process just doesn’t end with your product; you must also provide your contact information, so your prospects can reach out to you 


Since we have already talked about the listing platform here, it would be a mistake not to include Craigslist. It’s easily one of the best and the most famous platforms that you must take advantage of. The company was among the first ones who start online listing platforms. Even up until this point, it continues to thrive. A huge number of internet users are familiar with Craigslist. It’s often their go-to whenever they would like to check out online for a product or service they need. So, taking your product or service here should surely be worth your time.