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As far as the online real estate marketplace is concerned, you will readily come across Zillow. It’s possibly the most popular out there in its own league. Zillow is an eCommerce – a listing service – that specifically caters to real estate consumers and professionals. The idea is the same. As a listing platform, houses and apartments are listed there, so buyers and prospective buyers can shop around and gather reviews and insights.

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Zillow alternative websites

Under its belt is a set of features that let their clients know the value of the house and if either they are still available or not. They list the houses that are either for sale or rent. Being one of the most famous in this industry, it, probably, is the best. But that doesn’t mean that there are no equally effective and viable alternatives. So, we’ve come down to a list of 10 comparable alternatives to Zillow. 

1. Realtor.com

Realtor is among your top options as an alternative to Zillow. Its name is even catchier than that of Zillow. It is more relatable, and it sticks to the ear far more easily. It’s very much like an ordinary listing place for houses and real estate properties. But, what it does so well is it also gives you articles with tips on how you can improve your house and a little bit more on celebrity houses. In that, it can entertain soft-shoppers and position itself as experts in this field. It has its own mobile app. For its ease of use, houses are easy to locate, and it also allows you to find a realtor seamlessly.

2. Redfin.com

Hop on to Redfin if you want to get the best deals you could find as they offer their realtors a flat rate, letting you stave off a fraction of the overall house cost. As the Realtor, it also offers an app and a browser-based application. It is exclusive in the United States and Canada. In addition to having such a great user interface, they position themselves as customer-centric. So, their agents are less of a salesman and more of trusted experts in ensuring that their clients get the best possible value for their money. They pride themselves on having had saved their customers $1 billion. 

3. Trulia.com

Trulia is under the hood of Zillow. While it may have some features and culture Zillow has, it is unique on its own. What makes it different is it is more simplified and narrowed down. So, here, you just get the basics with listing and buying. Trulia has a simpler web design. Despite that, it remains among the most popular real estate eCommerce site. One of Trulia’s great features that Zillow wouldn’t give you is its crime map data feature, so users or prospective buyers can gauge if the area will be safe for them. Trulia’s services are only limited in the United States. 

4. Craigslist.org

Craigslist is a general listing and advertising platform. It allows sellers to list their products on the platform and to connect them to the targeted audience. Unlike Zillow, it’s not narrowed down to real estate alone. Real estate is just part – a category – of the platform. As a medium to connect the buyers and sellers within their community, Craigslist doesn’t directly oversee the transaction.

They only bridge the two parties to conduct transactions. In that case, putting up your business here might get your more savings as some of the cost are stripped down to just the necessary ones. With that, however, there would be more of a legwork left for the buyers and the sellers. A lot more research would have to be carried off. 

5. Freeadstime.org

FreeAdsTime is also a general listing service that allows sellers products from different categories and connects them to their targeted audience within the local community. So, real estate service is only another segment of this platform. Because it’s not specific to real estate, a lot of things are always happening at the same time.

The great thing about it is it’s not only limited to North America. Sellers worldwide can reach out to their audience within their community and locality. So, if you’re a buyer searching for a house or an apartment, the options will already be filtered to what suits you. 

6. NeighborhoodScout.com

Neighborhood Scout is a data-driven online platform. They call it the search engine for the neighborhood. It allows users or prospective buyers to perform queries based on their neighborhood preference and the rest that they want. After doing that, a list of neighborhoods and properties will be displayed that have all those characteristics.

It’s created by Andre Schiller, a demographics specialist who holds a Ph.D. in the field. It’s an analytics website that gives users accurate information about their prospective neighborhood. It’s only one of its kind in this industry. It has a very neat user interface that is easy and straightforward to use.

7. Forsalebyowner.com

For Sale By Owner is an equivalent of the DIY method for house owners who want to sell their house. It’s a platform that lets house owners put to listing and sell their own houses by providing the right tools to help them get started.

It’s been around since 1999. Here, realtors do not become part of the selling process. Everything is put into the hands of the house owners. For Sale By Owner provides marketing tools and guides to set up their clients for success. In this way, it would be adequate to sell a real estate property as it will diminish some of the costs, such as the commission. 

8. Homesnap.com

Homesnap is a fancy, well-ordered platform that is extremely user-friendly and great to use. The website is beautiful and simple. It has no unnecessary clutter, so it doesn’t distract you from looking for important pieces of information. Hence, you get right away what you’re looking for. It gets the job done – plain and simple. It focuses mainly on the agents. Homebuyers find all the details about the home that they are buying or researching here really accurate. One reviewer has even said that as compared to Zillow, this is better. Apple’s App Store once rated this as the best app. The app is built so agents can update information here on this app in real-time. 

9. Wallclassifieds.com

Another great listing service that can answer most of your needs that you will rarely find anywhere else is Wall Classifieds. It has a global presence and availability. It is, however, a usual listing service. So, do not expect that all the options will be tailored down to real estate in your locality right away. Nonetheless, it’s easy to use. It’s simple and, possibly, it has the right things for what you need. As it connects the sellers and the buyers, they do not directly oversee the process. So, the buyers get to negotiate with the sellers or realtors, in the case here. 

10. Apartments.com

Apartments from the name itself give anyone an impression that it doesn’t sell. And true to its name, it doesn’t. It only allows properties to be listed on its website those that are for rent. It is the leading platform for its kind. So, if you want to check out some of the best places to move into to rent for a while, do not hesitate to head on to here. With that, it is a great competitor to Zillow, especially that it is founded by a big company. It also has been around for a very long time now as it was founded back in 1987. It’s a big company, to say the least. 

The Conclusion – Try Them and See Which one is your Perfect Fit!

The best way to know if one or some of these websites would do the trick for you is to simply try them out. Go ahead and browse through them for either positing homes or finding your next home.

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