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Amazon is the industry’s leading key player in eCommerce. More than just an online retail shop, Amazon is branching into different online services. To highlight some of it, they are slowly getting into home automation, video streaming, and other cloud computing services, making Amazon truly unique and powerful. It is also home to some of the great innovations that we are seeing and have witnessed.

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Amazon alternative websites

Though it might be carving out a remarkable kind of service, it still possesses great competitors in the online marketplace. There are other great alternatives that you can turn to if Amazon might not be right up your alley. 


eBay doesn’t directly compare to Amazon. Both of them – yes – deal with eCommerce and allow buyers to shop. But the business models are entirely a different story. Amazon is an online retail shop where you buy products at specific prices while their supplies last; eBay is an auction outlet where you can take home the item by winning the bidding.

Another difference is that Amazon procures the products and sells them. On the other hand, eBay gives the opportunity to private sellers to reach out to their target consumers. eBay heavily relies on it. It serves as a contact point or a site of trade between the buyer and the seller. eBay’s inventory is a mix of brand new and used items. 


When you are looking for electronics and computer hardware and accessories, your best bet is Newegg. Not only that they have the best selections and the widest arrays of tech-centric inventory, but they also have a global scope despite being based in the United States. As far as its reputation goes, it is one of the most prominent online retailers worldwide for tech products. So here, plenty of options always await you and, possibly, some of the greatest and trustworthy deals that are more than just click baits. If you pay a visit to the website, it will automatically detect your country and determine its shipping availability. So, wherever you are, they, sure, have got you covered. 


123ave used to be a leading retailer for lingerie products for a long time since it was founded. But its credibility and popularity have grown and have allowed it to expand into different areas. It just doesn’t house lingerie products but has inventories related to almost everything you can imagine.

It has now matured into a general online store, very much like Amazon. It still has some drawbacks, though: its scope isn’t far-reaching. It services mostly just within the United States. While it has dived into eCommerce, it still maintains a great user experience. 


Free Ads Time might be a little outlier on this list. More than just being a platform that enables prospective buyers to check out for the products, Free Ads Time doubles down as an ad-listing site. For safety and legitimacy, it commonly connects buyers and sellers within the same locality.

The sellers aren’t only allowed to market their tangible products, but they could also offer their services. On a very basic level, it’s a contact point where people are enabled to promote whatever that they could trade for money to earn, either it’s a tutorial, a service, a job, or a physical item. It’s a place where you can either look for or place an ad. 


Best Buy is another online electronics-retailer titan that has store locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. For the shipping, however, they are limited to addresses within the US. What sets them apart from other tech retailers, perhaps, is their customer support. Ingrained in their customer services are some technical walkthroughs that educate or introduce their customers to technology. They are generous in giving advice to help their customers get the best fit for their needs. While computers, game consoles, and smartphones are at the core of their business, they also position themselves as a leading retailer for home automation and security. They’re banking that, sooner or later, it will become a commodity for every household.


AliExpress is Asia’s direct equivalent of the US’s Amazon for eCommerce. It’s an online shopping website that directly caters to consumers just as much as Amazon does. It bears prominence in Asia and Europe. Those two regions are where most of their clients are coming from on the site. Nonetheless, worldwide shipping, mostly anywhere in the world, is still available. Commonly, the rates here are more affordable than that of Amazon’s, making it Asia’s biggest online retailer and among the world’s leading ones. It is, perhaps, Amazon’s toughest competitor in the industry for the sheer scope and output. Nonetheless, Amazon maintains its far lead for market capitalization and traffic by more than twice. 


TigerDirect is a tech-niche eCommerce platform. With that said, if you are doing your online shopping for general household items, you will find yourself in the wrong place. However, if you are looking to get the best deals for computer parts, software, and affordable electronics, this would be a perfect fit.

Since they are famous for providing tech-related solutions at aggressively competitive rates and surprisingly huge discounts, checking out its current pricing might pay off well if you want to make the most out of your bucks. Across review sites, there are convincing amounts of positive customer service and reviews. Most of the businesses and corporate entities get their supplies from TigerDirect. 


Walmart is packed with everything you need. Yes, everything as it has built its reputation from its super warehouses for general merchandise. Over time, it adopted digitalization and brought its services to the Internet. Hence, they now have their own eCommerce that mostly runs on the same model that Amazon uses.

To keep its community going and encourage eCommerce, it also allows third-party sellers in a limited number of categories. A bit of a downside: Unlike Amazon and other industry’s leading online retails stores, it doesn’t allow international shipping. It only does within the US and its territories. And because it still has warehouses, you can shop online and pick them up later on instead of having them shipped. 


Shopolop is another online shopping platform. You might think at first that it’s nothing out-of-ordinary. However, its sheer simplicity gives it a competitive age over other well-known online retail websites. Its seamless design allows you to save time, be more efficient, and make sound decisions in your shopping. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, it’s uncomplicated and not intimidating. It’s pretty straightforward to shop and get into the items that you are interested in purchasing. It doesn’t present you with tough choices and doesn’t bait you into the things that will waste your time. For anybody who has a product to sell, this is also a great place. Like most online shops, it allows third-party sellers. 


TechBargains prides itself as heavily research-based to help customers know the best time to purchase. Hence, they can work on their timing and get the most savings possible, the best discounts, and make sure that the products are still relevant by buying them. Its name might lead you into thinking that they exclusively sell tech-related products and accessories. While you will spot right away hard-to-resist deals on the latest and the hottest gadgets and electronics, you won’t be disappointed to know that the products under their hood have a wide range of variety. There are also other categories. There are clothing and accessories, health and beauty, and even gift cards. Most of these are sold at huge discounts.

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