Backpages is dead! Hey, looking for the best backpage alternative websites? Well, you are not alone!

Once reigned supreme as the perfect online destination for classified/personal ads, backpage had everything – be it electronics, events, vacancy alerts, real estate, and more. But later, the site also become (allegedly!) a hotbed for adult contents, ads, sex workers & clients looking for women.

Obviously, the feds weren’t thrilled! So after more allegations surfaced about all the human racketeering/prostitution that was happening behind all the digital-seams, the government finally pulled the plug in fall 2008, getting the FBI to destroy the site for good.

But wait, does this mean the era of “backpages” like websites are finally over and done for?

Well, apparently not!

Backpage alternative websites

Since the’s abrupt shutdown, all the internet users collectively went on the lookout for the next, legally classified platforms on the web.

And since you’re here, we reckon you’re one of them.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

And so in that spirit, here’s a closer look at the top 10 best and extraordinarily reliable alternative websites to backpage that we think provides the best experiences – but sans the deceit, gross crimes, and untrustworthiness.

Before getting into the list, please have a look at the emerging backpage alternative websites.

Emerging backpage alternative websites


Free Ads Time enables users to browse the latest free classified ads in your area. The classified site covers a wide variety of adverts from used cars to properties to rent to pets for sale, etc.


The site name is very self-explanatory, another popular free classified ads platform for cars, jobs, real estate, pets, services, etc. Users can find what they are looking for or create their own ad for free.


Finder Master is another worldwide online classifieds network for placing free classified ads for any items, services, for jobs, for dating, find good housing, lovely pets and more.


This is a great place to advertise locally and it also is a wonderful place to find items that are listed by the sellers. A friendly list of categories has put together by the industry experts to ensure that your experience on this classifieds is rather enjoyable.


Find stuff near your right now using this platform. You can land a product in no time by browsing through the items such as cars, pets, and jobs that are posted here. You can also sell your product fast.


This site covers almost all English speaking countries. They have both larger cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Toronto listed on the site as well as smaller areas with even a population of thousand people are covered here.


H1Ad is classified ads website that enables you to post ads with images or simply to browse through the ads posted by others.

A very short name has been chosen for this free advertising website as it makes it easier for both buyers and sellers to remember its name. It’s not just any short name as the letters H1 is a tag that is used by programmers to usually point out the important headline and the H1Ad aim is to make every ad as important as possible.


Advertiseera enables users to browse the latest free classified ads in your area. The classified site covers a wide variety of adverts from used cars to properties to rent to pets for sale, etc.

Top 10 backpage alternative websites – Let’s count them down!


The best & perhaps the biggest on the bunch, no list of backpage alternatives will never be completed without mentioning Craigslist and the sheer user base it boasts.

Sure, there’s been some bothers, especially with they’re now eliminated/cleared personal ads. But if you’re looking for the high – quality classifieds, craigslist will do you good. The UI is great. And categories/sections of classifieds can be duly selected. The ads curation too is amongst the best you’ll find. Besides, its constant updates of local ads are ensured to help you impressively find a bevy of helpful choices, be it people, places, services or even products.

Being amongst the most “traffic heavheavy” sites out there, craigslist wonderfully offers their goodness all over the globe – and the best part? It’s all free of cost!  


Yet another great alternative to backpages, OLX burst on to the classified/sale arena in 2006. And since then, it not only helped to redefine the genre but also popularized it.

A champion advertiser, OLX offers multiple, unique categories to impressively choose from, though they are mainly known for their second hand and used collections. The interface is simple. Thanks to its substantially huge overhaul last year. Plus, its also is free, but with“in-app” optional purchases.

Based in the Netherlands, the is all about simplicity. And its unwavering focus on being hassle-free is what that really makes them a top backpage alternative.


You know facebook as a social media giant but did you know that it’s also is one of the biggest Backpage alternative websites now, with millions/billions of happy users world over buying & selling their products through their feeds?!

Centered on groups, doing commerce in Facebook is happily straightforward, just click on the “Buy and sell” button on the explorer tab and start posting ads.But oddly enough, the site doesn’t have any authenticity markers – you may either have to decide on quality yourself or take their word as it is 

Thankfully, the collection is huge, thanks to the big user base it impressively commands. Besides, no extra app too is needed as its “built in” to the Facebook app itself


An excellent alternative to, owing to it’s exhaustive/adaptable list of categories, Kijiji is best for all those who needs to get a bit of “local” work done.

But hey, the only “real” downside? Well, (for now, at least) they are exclusive to Canada alone.

Nevertheless, with millions of active users & working with a ton of communities across the cities of Ottawa, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Ontario and Quebec, Kijiji is also unique in the sense that you can even often impressively find things for free!

Check them out.


With a great presence in over 60+ countries, is unquestionably one of the biggest classified platforms on this list right now, with millions of active users. 

Available for both android, Web and iOS platforms, the site offers categories on everything from jobs, automobiles, real estates, and furniture, as well as personal ads. And its Indian version is also is a popular matrimonial destination. Lastly, based in Germany, the site has top privacy laws protecting it.

Known for its secure nature, posting a “Locanto” ad is rather straightforward. And for newbies, they even runs a blog with handy tricks & tips to help you out.


Around since 1999, may be an older player. But as an alternative to backpages, its one of the best you’ll find, thanks to its brilliant range of categories is available in over 5+ countries, though the USA is understandably its main focal point. You can find everything on Geebo, be it personal ads, real estate, furniture’s, farming, vehicles and even employment and more. The collection is big (duh!), but with their excellent “search” button, they are fairly easy to wade through. And to help you narrow down, flags are also present.

With well-curated ads, Geebo is perfect for everybody & is also unquestionably one of the more safest of the lot, thanks to the absence of explicit and shady contents.


Available across the globe in all major countries, the is a fantastic site that’s bit on the versatile side of things, as it’s an aggregator& not an ad poster – Collecting, compiling& showing ads from other dedicated, top sources. 

Nevertheless, with “abundant” catalogs of ads on real estates, employments, goods, etc… you won’t be disappointed, as there are always something for everybody. Registration is a must. And it is quite conveniently easy to do so.Besides, the interface too is pretty awesome, with “eye candy”-ness being the norm.

As a platform, Oodle has matured a lot. And the ad quality too is outstanding. The ads are mostly targeted, which not only helps them to be more relevant but also secure.


Whimsically named, Gumtree once was a UK exclusive advertising/classified. But the last few years saw it becoming one of the top Backpage alternative websites out there, given you’re only looking for vehicles, real estates, etc…

Sure, personal ads will be missed, but for anything else, be it accommodations, jobs and more, the website has a fantastic collection that should satiate anybody. Posting an ad, of course, require an account. But the classifieds are free to surf through, plus being available across the globe, the ads too are aplenty.

As amazing as GumTree is, the lack of personal-ads is truly is an extraordinarily huge bummer. But the sheer easiness of it & the experience itself makes GumTree worth it.


With the most unimaginative name ever, the free yet great is more of a “clone” than an alternative, offering nearly all the backpage features.

Neatly presented, classified ads offer a huge host of exciting/comprehensive categories offering everything from jobs, goodies, real estate and more. In fact, the “Personal” section also doubles as a “Dating” channel. Ad posting is a bit complicated. But they do offer a ton of video tutorials to help you out.

As excellent it is, the only thing that’s truly annoys us about is the sheer number of “obtrusive ads” mixed in with the general ones.


Aside from being an eCommerce website, eBay also has a classified/advertising section. – making it a brilliant “Backpage” alternative, thanks to its huge user base.

Unlike other websites, eBay isn’t free, you have to pay a small fee depending on the product you’re trying to sell. And the ads themselves will only last about 30 days. But what really makes eBay a top backpage alternative websites is its sheer visibility, thanks to them being available in nearly every country.

Remember, selling on eBay is a bit weird. Sometimes you may inconveniently have to ship the products yourself. Plus, the bidding culture too is pretty strong here.

The Conclusion – They’re all Awesome!

Hey, make no mistake; what’s team did was truly unforgivable. And frankly, we’re all simply better off now that the feds have stepped in & shut them down.

Then again, it did leave a huge gap, especially for the web Classified/adverting crowd, but we hope our 10 best backpage alternative Websites are enough to fill the void. That being said though, trustworthiness is still aren’t their strongest suit – but try& exercise a bit caution and you’ll be fine

After all, unlike backpages, these sites at least promises to have your foremost interests in mind.

And in our times, we’d surely call that a win,

No doubt!

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